Licenses Overview

The Live Composer is an open source project released under GNU GPL General Public License v2.0 and comes without any warranty.

Here are few common questions regarding the Live Composer license:

Q: Can I use the Live Composer in a commercial project? 
A: Yes.
Q: Can I integrate the Live Composer in a theme for Theme Forest or a similar market for selling purposes? 
A: Yes.
Q: I want to integrate the plugin in a commercial theme under my agency name. Is allowed? 
A: Yes. However, We don't recommend to do this just to have "your own page builder" in themes, here is why: 
  • Our plugin gets lots of updates and new features every month. You can have it as one of the selling points.
  • Our plugin is popular on and it will grow with time even more. You can use our popularity to your advantage.
  • We list Live Composer-based themes on our website for free. Our website gets 2000 visits per day.
  • Once you change the plugin name, all the plugin support is your own matter.
  • We can include more filters and hooks if needed.
Q: I am allowed to modify the plugin?  
A:  You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or any later version. Please note we don't support customized versions of the Live Composer.

For Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU Licenses,  please follow this link.


The Official Extensions Pack and the Woocommerce Integration Extension use a different license. 

Can I use the Official Extensions Pack or the Woocommerce integration extension on multi-domain, multi-client installations?

Yes, if you purchase the right license. Select from the "Purchase Options" the one fit your needs. The License is limited to a single end product. However, if you are using the subdomains for language translations of the same domain/content, that's fine.

Do I need to purchase a license for the premium extensions once every year?

Yes! The license expires after one year from purchase. You still can use the plugins but you cannot get the updates.